Precision in putting


Precision in perfection

The Stone Energy Putter is a high-quality and elegant playing device which sustainably simplifies the most sensitive part of the golfing game: putting. Depending on the respective model, each putter is equipped with a visual effect.
Owing to the natural weight of the stone, the player is forced to putt from the large shoulder muscles. This significantly reduces the error rate.


Precision in putting

The score is decided on the green. The American putting-expert, Dave Pelz, noticed that merely half of the putted balls ultimately found their way into the cup, even from a distance of only six feet. For numerous decades already, manufacturers of golf clubs have been trying to develop clubs which could succeed in avoiding this occurrence.


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Optimal Energy Flow

The Stone Energy Putter is able to translate the player’s flow energy in an efficient and pinpointed manner. As such it creates the optimal synthesis between man, material and energy. For an even greater degree of accuracy in your game and more pronounced mental strength. Thus you remain sovereign in every situation.