Golfing correctly: Improving your handicap


No golfer starts out directly as a professional, so for beginners in particular there are a wide range of possibilities for improving your handicap over time. As golf is an extremely technically demanding sport, there are certain points to take into account to allow you to attain as good a handicap as possible. There are some tips and tricks for how beginners can also improve their handicap comparatively quickly, which will surely also make playing golf even more fun. Among other things, the tips for improving the handicap differ with respect to the type of shots. In golf, the shots are divided into two main categories, namely pitches (long shots) and putts or chips (short shots). However, before improving the hitting technique, the warming up and practice shot phase is really important.


Warming up correctly

Warming up and doing your practice shots correctly is the basis for improving your handicap. The basis for improving your handicap starts even before the actual game, namely with correct warming up and practice shots. For example, warming up can take the form of holding a golf club in your left and right hand and then swinging them gently. After at least ten swings, the back muscles will already be well warmed up. After warming up, the practice shot phase is also important. You should start this with a small iron. You can then continue with the next highest

golf club each time until you finally reach the driver. It is helpful not to change clubs until you have hit at least three good shots, as this builds confidence in your hitting abilities.
All these recommendations can only be implemented via lots of practice and theoretical considerations, so you can’t get around a visit to the green. The following section offers you valuable tips for how you can be sure of golfing correctly in the future, at least as far as the clubs are concerned.


Improving your handicap with accurate putting

A high degree of accuracy when putting can considerably increase your handicap. When training, it is a good idea to start off with comparatively short putts. The tip about not increasing the distance until you have hit three successful putts also applies here. One secret tip here is to try a fourth putt with your eyes closed after sinking three successfully. This can also help to increase your accuracy. As a general rule, the shorter putts

should be trained more often than the longer ones because missing a putt of less than one metre knocks your self-confidence more than not sinking a five-metre putt. Of course, it is also important to choose the right putter for the distance. When training longer putts, it is a good tip to focus on a spot approximately midway between the ball and the hole. You should aim at this spot instead of focussing directly on the hole. Walking out the line of putt is also always helpful to give you an idea of the distance and help you to choose the right putter.


There are also tips and tricks for pitches and chips
When you have mastered putting, it’s time to start improving your handicap for long shots (pitches and chips) too. When training the long shorts, it is helpful not to focus directly on the hole or the flag, but instead to start with a radius of three to four metres around the flag. You can mark out this radius with tees for example. It is also a good idea here too not to change your position until you have hit at least three balls within this radius. When training you should also pay attention to varying the way you hit the chips often. If there is no obstacle to avoid for this shot, for example a water hazard, you should give preference to a flat chip.
In addition to the hitting technique, good equipment is also important for improving your handicap. This doesn’t only concern the quality of the golf clubs. For example, trolleys should also be mobile and not put too much strain on your back.


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